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Here's what our customers have to say about Zazzle:

“You have always been SO very helpful to me, and seeing all the reviews about the bling issues etc., it made me realize how many saints there are in CS! Zazzle has been an absolute Godsend to me and has been life-changing to say the least. I probably will not be able to return to my Air Traffic Control job because of my injury and resulting health issues, so knowing that I have this option to continue doing what I have a passion for is just incredible. I hope to be able to continue growing my business with Zazzle for many years to come. Thanks so much for ALL you do to make my life easier!!”
— Vicki
“I am a business owner/seller on Zazzle, and Zazzle's business model is nothing short of spectacular! The product quality is always excellent, the print quality of my uploaded files is 100% true as to what I expect the merchandise to look like, and with the consistent sales that Zazzle has, there is truly no excuse for any entrepreneur NOT to "take advantage" and make a profit for themselves! Zazzle leaves so many head-aches and worries of the business world behind for new-age entrepreneurs such as myself... Zazzle is the future of e-commerce, period. ”
— Drew
“I have always been very pleased by the business I've done with Zazzle. Not only are their products quality work, but they have provided me with a great opportunity to market my own creations.”
— Lydia
“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Our son's home caught on fire a few weeks ago and thankfully no person was hurt. However, they lost a dear pet and all of their clothing. In the last few months, we have been blessed to have excellent sales and were able to help them get clothing and a new pet which really has brought up their morale. Times are hard for many right now, and I just needed to show our appreciation for the amazing work that all of you have done at Zazzle in giving us the chance to succeed. This made it all come together for us on how fortunate we are to be with you. From all of us, please let the crew and owners know that although sometimes it may not seem like it, we, with all our hearts, do appreciate the work you all do. And hopefully since we are getting up there, we also will be able to leave something for our son and his family with the shops that we are blessed to have with you.”
— Bob
“Zazzle is a great site that offers a lot of interesting designs on a variety of different products. The best thing about it is that you can also make money with Zazzle by selling your designs in your own free Zazzle store! Zazzle is just great!”
— Tilen
“As a Zazzle shop owner and consumer, I rate Zazzle extraordinarily highly for their top quality products, their customer care, and the care Zazzle takes of their artists. It's a pleasure to sell my designs through Zazzle.”
— Catherine
“Zazzle is a wonderful site to buy from and also to design for. I have always been more than pleased with whatever I've ordered from them. The product arrives in less than expected time and is truly well made and pleasing to the eye.”
— Virginia
“I am still building my Zazzle store, but I have to tell you how wonderful it is working with the site. Everything is so easy and fun! The photo uploads are so fast, and I'm especially happy that I can customize the back of the products. It is just delightful working with Zazzle! ”
— Elaine
“I love Zazzle because it has the best software, many quality products, excellent support for sellers, fine marketing tools, and it is free to join...We are waiting for Zazzle in Russia :) If Zazzle will not come to Russia, we (designers) will come to America :)”
— Andrey
“I am new to Zazzle, and I must to admit I am so surprised by the rapidity of shipping and the quality of the 3 posters I ordered. As an artist and photographer, I was searching for a new place to have my photos printed out and shipped. I found it !”
— Marie-Agnès
“I want first to thank you for merely being in existence. You've given me a forum in which to share my artwork with the rest of the world. It is difficult to express the sense of pride I feel whenever I log into the poster store and see my work. Thank you so much. ”
— Cleories
“We very much appreciate it!! And I love your royalty program, all the royalties coming to me go straight to the AIDS Walk program, and it is so great to find a place willing to "share". I definitely am going to be making and designing MANY more shirts and promoting them all over, so look forward to crazy sales from me ;)! Thanks again!! We love you guys! All our thanks, TEAM MEIN!! (that's my AIDS Walk team!) ”
— Debby
“Just wanted to drop you guys a short e-mail to say that the website is awesome! I am a digital artist, and I enjoy making artwork, and now, you guys have given me a way to share MY art with the rest of the world, especially my family and friends, who also like my work. Now I have the possibility to hang MY art on the wall, or even wear it on a t-shirt if I wanted to. That's amazing! Thanks for providing this type of service to us. ”
— Timothy
“I love Zazzle and have gotten a lot of great feedback from the items I have created... ”
— Kathy
“I received several very positive comments regarding my item, and have already been asked twice to provide the name of my supplier…”
— Kelly
“I started using Zazzle 3 years ago and in that time you have made my small business needs easy. But, I have to confess, I recently tried to order custom printed stickers/labels from another online vendor. It was a disaster! I don't know what got into me to think someone could top Zazzle's easy design online service, your understandable templates and customer service and prompt turn-around! Zazzle, you saved me again! I will always be a loyal customer and I sing your praises to all I know!”
— Sarah

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