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Pacifica, CA
My name is Akiko Watanabe. I was born and raised in Japan, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1981. My husband and I have been adopting the stray cats that showed up in our backyard. Some were injured needing help, some were pregnant and gave birth in our home, and some were simply needing a safe home. We were able to find nice homes for some of the kittens and we adopted all the rest. They all live indoors except for the little fenced-in outdoor area where they can enjoy grass and smell of the exciting outside world. I am a proud member of Art for Critters and Etsy for Animals.
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Comments (20)
Marian Cates commented on artbyakiko 4/19/2015
Do you have a video of your lovely prints? You can reach me through my shop. Cheers, Marian Cates Designs
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Gail Dolphin commented on artbyakiko 2/20/2012
"Your Shop"
Beautiful work Akiko, I wish you much success!
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Gail Ragsdale commented on artbyakiko 8/1/2011
Hi Akiko! As always your work blows me away! Simply incredible. Wonderful store also, glad I found you. Gail
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