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Comments (3)
Knee Coal commented on BastDawn 7/5/2012
"Ibis of Thoth Design"
Hi there- I absolutely love your Ibis of Thoth design. I have actually been in the market to get a tattoo dedicated to Thoth, and I was wondering- can we potentially work out an arrangement where I could get your design as a tattoo? Or, perhaps I could pay you for a custom design? Please let me know! Thanks! :)
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Daughter Of The Earth commented on BastDawn 12/19/2011
"I love your Egyptian designs."
One of my passions is promoting merchandise like them so I've joined your fan club.
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Itayas Designs commented on BastDawn 5/3/2009
Congrats on your 2 TBA Awards!! Have an awesome day!! :)
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