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Pilot Gifts by Dream to Fly
United States
Unique gifts for any pilot or future pilot. Many gifts are based on my poem: A Dream to Fly It’s in your blood, you don’t know why; just one goal, you’ve got to fly To feel your craft, take to flight; it’s been your dream, ‘most every night Then it came, your first flight; you spread your wings, it sure felt right Above the ground, so high and free; you could only think, it’s meant to be Ground school, flight school, summer and fall; so many lessons, to learn it all Stalls and spins, and the lazy eight; you love to fly, but these you hate Private, commercial, then ATP; a lot of work, you’ll come to see To build up time, you must agree; you’d fly anything, you’d fly for free Snow streaks by, in your lights; what a show, this cold winter night Rain at the airport, dark and cold; break out on top, a sight to behold Cloud gives way, the storm is past; the air is smooth, your plane is fast See the mountains, and oceans too; so many places, you’ll pass through Slice through clouds, on silver wings; so magnificent, to see these things Props and jets, big and small; coast to coast, you’ll see it all It’s in your blood, you don’t know why; you just can’t stop, you’ve got to fly Copyright 1995 John Cronin
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