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Comments (6)
Lynn's Photography & Lots More commented on Bruce1970 7/13/2010
Thanks for joining our fan club! Your gallery is great and your artwork is wonderful! Fantastic design work! Your more then welcome to check out my other store at www.zazzle.com/lynnsphotogreenart* and joining my fan club. ~Lynn~
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Nature Arts commented on Bruce1970 7/11/2010
"Art Car Contest Invitation, goes til 8-10-10"
Please consider entering a design contest (ends 8-10-10) for a design that would go on my car and become part of my 2002 TDI (49mpg) VW Bug art car. I will either paint this design myself (so consider it will be free handed in all likelihood. 2/3 chance), or possibly I would have a pro airbrush this. It would be cool if it is not super hard to reproduce and is somewhat abstract and organic. I like lots of color, but am interested in any really fun design. The winner(s) designs would have your website referenced on the car. I reserve the right to use more than one design, and to use my own somewhere on the car. Oh, and what will you win? I will give you a $25.00 gift certificate on zazzle. I miss having a real art car. Here are a few pictures of my original art car. It had clouds and one bird for perspective on top.
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Thanks for becoming a fan. You have a nice gallery.
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