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San Diego, CA
What can top two of the cutest animals on earth - a kitty and a bunny? One spunky kitty dressed in a magical bunny suit, that’s what! This was the exact thought that crossed the mind of Bunny Kitty’s creator, Persue’. As a child, Persue’ was raised in a big family with many cats. He loves cats and was always drawing them. But it wasn’t until 2001 that he started to draw the first sketches of a kitty dressed in a bunny suit. Coincidently, a couple years later, he adopted a cat named Daisy that looked like the character he was sketching. After some minor refinements to better resemble his cat, Bunny Kitty started to come to life. Before creating Bunny Kitty, Persue’ had been working in the action sports industry for over 17 years. He is a skilled graphic designer, illustrator, aerosol artist, and footwear designer. His natural artistic talents have been featured in numerous magazines and books. He has a long list of accomplishments, such as, creating graphics, logos, and brand identities for many well-known companies. But Bunny Kitty is by far his proudest creation to date because the character and the story mimic the life of the creator. Persue’ and his partner in crime Tweezers introduced Persue’s Bunny Kitty to the world in 2003. Since then they have had art shows all over the world. Using the streets as their gallery, Bunny Kitty and the Booger Monsters were quick to rise to cult hero status. Bunny Kitty’s fans span the globe and continue to grow daily. Persue’ has showcased his work world wide making stops in such countries like, China, U.S.A., Korea, Japan, Canada, Vietnam, Germany, France, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and England to name a few.
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Comments (15)
3catsgraphics commented on bunnykitty 8/2/2011
"Very cute"
Love your bunnykitties:)
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Hola Jenny commented on bunnykitty 7/5/2010
"Awsome designs"
Love your work!!
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csdesigns* commented on bunnykitty 11/24/2009
I joined your fan club and invite you to join mine. Have a great day!
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