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Houston, TX
Everyone loves silhouettes and they go so well on all kinds of gift items! email: with pictures of your (or loved one's or your pet's) profile for her to create your own silhouette! Select from 3 options: • $10 - JPEG: Patti sends you her collection to choose from of digital, ready to use, silhouettes - pick one that most closely resembles yourself or loved one or pet. • $15 - CUSTOM JPEG: Patti will create a custom silhouette of you or your loved one or pet and send you a JPEG for you to use. • $40 - DIGITAL JPEG & TWO 5X7" HAND CUT SILHOUETTES TO KEEP Patti hand cuts your custom silhouette for $30 (per person or pet). Upon your approval, you would receive a JPEG of your silhouette(s). Your hand cut silhouettes would also be mailed to you as well! There would be a left and a right version, both mounted on 5x7" acid free bristol board. For tips on sending Patti pictures of profiles, visit:
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