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camilla derrico
Vancouver, Canada
Camilla d'Errico is an urban contemporary painter, illustrator, character creator and comic artist residing in Vancouver, BC. With roots in comics, Camilla’s beautiful work is seen on toys, clothes, accessories and more. She has been published by Random House, Tokyopop, Simon Pulse, Image Comics, IDW and Dark Horse, while self-publishing her literature-inspired series, Tanpopo. Camilla has distinguished herself as one of the breakthrough artists in Pop Surrealism's New Figurative movement through her ability to seamlessly weave manga and western styles with surrealist elements, wrapping it together with an extensive emotional palette. She has a unique style that bridges cultural and geographical boundaries, while remaining totally relevant to today’s varied audience. Ever the prolific artist, Camilla lives the double life of comic artist/creator and New Brow painter, while expanding her horizons to include fashion, merchandise and customized collectible art toys.
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Comments (26)
Valerie A. Ryan commented on camilladerrico 8/14/2017
"Amazing and Inspiring!"
You're an inspiring artist. I love your work. I was first introduced to your art through an art gallery in my local mall. Nice to see you on Zazzle!
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commented on camilladerrico 5/22/2016
"Very interesting!"
Hello! I think your art is interesting and it reminds me of a friend of mine's work. I mainly like the color scheme and anime influence.
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Troi commented on camilladerrico 5/16/2016
"Art & Pieces"
Stunning artwork. I really love the soft and dark compositions. As well as all the character you put into each piece of art. Just beautiful!
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