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Kitty Martin Cards
littleton, colorado
I've been an artist most of my life. I always enjoyed watching cartoons when I was a kid(What kid doesn't?). It has been my dream to get into animation. I call myself "Codfishlady" because I have a crush on the Disney version of Captain Hook in Peter Pan. Peter always called Hook the old codfish. I'm also "Miss Kitty" because "Kitty Martin" is what sign my artwork with. My mother wanted to call me Kathleen so she could call me Kathy, but Dad didn't care for it too much so I ended up being Marsha. If I were "Kathleen," I'd have called myself "Kitty." So I might as well make it my psuedonym.
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Comments (2264)
LimbBirds commented on codfishlady 11/30/2015
"Your little owls!"
Your little owl calendar is just TOO cute!!
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captphrank commented on codfishlady 12/17/2012
Hi Codfish Lady... Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a prosperous New Year... Take care of yourselves....capt
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Elsie Johnston Black commented on codfishlady 11/16/2012
Lovely designs and a great store!!
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