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Cyndi's Stuff
I'm Cyndi and this is my Stuff! I don't have a real theme, what I design is based on what hits me that day. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's real. Sometimes it involves something I overheard at the grocery store that day. It's in constant flux, this store, so if you see a design that isn't complete, or one you'd like to have, e-mail me at cyndisstuff@gmail.com and any of my designs can be customized! If you would like something added to the design, we can do that! Or if you want a custom design created for you or your group, let me know. I also design logos for a small fee. Each section contains many designs...and kind of like the Winchester Mystery House...I add to it every day, so keep clicking! ClickClickClick! I have Christmas Stuff, too! Just go to http://www.zazzle.com/christmasstuff*
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My Lucky Storm Chasing
You call me BOSSY...
Don't Waste the Pretty
99% Stuff
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You Don't Scare Me
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