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Dusenberg Art & Design
I became interested in art by watching Bill Alexander and Bob Ross create beautiful landscapes and seascapes in the 1980's on PBS television. After watching for a few months, I thought maybe I could do that, so off to the art store I went. I bought all the stuff needed to paint including a can of turpentine with this on the label "It has a distinct odor " and remember sitting in the living room trying to paint my first painting. The smell stayed in the house for about a week and the painting looked like gray and white pyramids and green smudges for trees. Not only was my painting a mess but his wife was hopping mad over the smell. Well, being a persistent person we moved the painting stuff downstairs and painted about 3 paintings a day for six months and finally got pretty good at it. I sent a tape to Alexander Art and they made him a Bill Alexander Certified Instructor. The year was 1988. Shortly thereafter I started teaching seminars, demonstrating the Wet on Wet technique in malls, resorts and private homes throughout Delaware County. He has received letters from his former students that said they have gone on to win juried art shows and it gives him a great feeling of satisfaction to know that he has made a difference in their lives the same way that Bill Alexander and Bob Ross had made a difference in his. Health problems have prevented me from painting in oils , but I could not give up painting. So now I paint using a Wacom tablet and Corel Painter X. I believe that digital painting is the wave of the future. With programs like Painter X that employ natural brushes and painting techniques it's just like the real thing, but with even more tools for the artist to make wonderful works of art.. i Folks Just setting up shop please visit often lots of new stuff on the way... Thanks Harry D
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Comments (17)
Dusenberg Art & Design commented on dusenbergart 12/19/2011
"Dutch Wunderland"
Hi J Thanks you very much I'm glad you liked my little excursion in to windmill land...:)
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robertfaggartist commented on dusenbergart 8/14/2009
Just ran across your store while browsing all the great stuff on Zazzle. Very nice indeed !!!
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rzebley commented on dusenbergart 8/4/2009
Harry, Your mother is my Aunt and I stayed with her for a short while back in 1985. Write me at
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