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Portage, Indiana
Since a child I have always thought about putting the things that I think about on paper and have always played with Art and Photography, I've traveled so many places since I was young and have seen so many breathtaking places, Places where I just coudn't believe my mind. I was raised in Crown Point Indiana with 8 brothers and sisters my father and mother and often took trips on summer break. That is where my creations started and where they will more than likely end. First it was to Colorado visiting Estes Park and then Colorado Springs, I think I was 7 or 8 at the time and the memory of the Beauty of the World set in riding the trolley car up the side of the Mountain, and feeding the playful Chipmunks that came and ate out of our hands, Since then I've managed to see every state except for two or three, 1981 I saw Mount St Helens rumble and blow, Lake Tahoe shortly after and the blue lake just glows from high above. East coast to New England in the late 80s and early 90s I always return to see the wonders of our god given earth. I can't count the numerous pictures I've created in my mind if they were all on paper the mountain would reach the sky. I feel blessed with each day that I'm here I pray that each of you that visit my store, stop! and listen and take the time to smell the air and look at the beauty because it's everywhere, in a smog filled city a butterfly roams, when the day seems gloomy go watch how the clouds roll, If I could do one thing for people I would let them take a look through my eyes as I'm sure alot of you would yours, So enjoy browsing my shop as there are many images all items are customizable, You can put your own text on the shirts and cards or pick one of the many cards I've made, All Art and Poems on the cards I created myself, Some are photographs I've taken from the places I've been and the wildlife I've seen, some right outside my door, I currently reside in Fort Collins Colorado, but I am due for another road trip, The wilderness in the smoky mountain range sounds like my next stop. Enjoy your stay here, and I hope you find what you like. Feel free to leave a comment in my guestbook or visit my Artsite for Prints at Thank You and God Bless you have a wonderful day! make custom gifts at Zazzle Greeting Cards, T-Shirts, Art Prints and more!
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Comments (118)
Sandyspider commented on EdmondHoggeJr 12/19/2011
"Featured in today's blog."
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XTOLZ Christian ART Store commented on EdmondHoggeJr 12/19/2011
"It's a pleasure to join your fan club!"
Blessings on all you do, Terry
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Rewards4life commented on EdmondHoggeJr 12/19/2011
Hey there! Thanks for the kind words! It's been a long time since we spoke, Edmond. Hope you are doing well. Your store looks really beautiful!! Good luck and all the best! Marta
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