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EIB I OWE Tie D Wide E Stealth


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About This Product
Style: Tie

Upgrade your wardrobe a custom tie from Zazzle! Design one-of-a-kind ties to match any suit, dress shirt, and occasion. Upload your own unique images and patterns, or browse thousands of stylish designs to wear in the office or on a night out in the town.

  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 55"
    • Width: 4" (at widest point)
  • Printed in vibrant full color
  • Made from 100% polyester; silky finish
  • Double-sided printing available at small upcharge. Check out the "Design Area" tab to the right to customize
  • Dry clean only
About This Design
EIB I OWE Tie D Wide E Stealth
A White Tie With a Brand New Burn, only it's not a burn, it's secret EIB code. It says: EIB I OWE. I was confused. I wasn't conflicted. I was more like Cornflaked. I hate that word conflicted. Well maybe the word hate is a bit much, but I always relate the word conflicted with liberal pointy heads trying to tell me how I feel. I'd tell them how I felt but they're not really interested. I'll let El Rushbo do my talkin' for me while I concentrate on outrunning the multi-taxerborg. He seems to have a good grasp of my feelings about say life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He was able to firm up my scull full of mush and deprogram me after years of liberal indoctrination. I found that I was not nearly as off the beaten path as I had thought. I was quite conservative all along but was never let in on the secret. The liberal mindset is the harder one of the two to live with. If you have a conscience it will tare you in two. Chang, as he sometimes goes by saw the libs coming years before I had even heard of them. The libs work overtime to keep the L word out of print and from being spoken. Ollie, another of his handles, will tell you what they're up to today, what they just got done doing to us, and the comprehensive plans they have for making our decisions for us and for running the rest of our lives. With sound bites he shows how they magically work together repeating the same talking points, weather they are a politician, a "news" anchor, a scientist, "an average citizen" or just an expert. Long ago he taught us about how when the lib points their finger and levels a blistering charge against some American individual, institution, or corporation and the media runs with it without any fact checking it means that they themselves are up to that very dasturdly deed, are about to commit the deed, or they are redirecting attention in another direction to cover up an even greater crime. When I began listening to the excellence in the broadcasting on the AM band of my Radio I think his record of being correct was only 98.6%. I say only, I guess, because I've already gotten used to him being 99.6, I think it is, % of the time. I don't fret nearly as much as I used to about my United States of America being stolen right out from under me. I now know I am a part of the majority who lean right. Lean right people! Never, never, never, never, never, never, never let up. Now I can find out information about what the politicians are trying to pull months before the average schlub does who still relies on the networks. Much of the time they just spike the story. A big shout-out to you too Snow-Birdly for all that you do, like handling the nasty and almost always fowl mouthed seminar callers. Did I mention that the show is funny? Well, it's not. I'm just kidding. Seriously, it's funny if you like humor without all the f, s, p, g ,d, m, and f-bombs every other word designed to kill valuable broadcast airtime in order to make it to the next commercial break. The living Constitution is opened up and allowed to breath each day on the EIB in the give and take of the host and the callers. You won't get that anytime soon on TV. They've made other plans. EIB I OWE also for turning me on to other hosts as well over all these years who are too numerous even to remember let alone list them all here. I sure would love, though, to be Levinitized on the air with millions and millions listening. Here's to you Rush, I have every intention of living the American dream and resolve to not let anyone stop me. I know you know that capitalism is the only way to go here in this the only true land of the free. With your ability to read the bumps on baseballs I trust that more and more Americans will be armed to do battle against the evil doo-doos. E-I-B-I Ingo Bingo, E-I-B-I Ingo Bingo, E-I-B-I Ingo Bingo, Down on the Bingo Farm. Surf's Up! -_- No Drones -_- Bonini Beach Surfboards -_- Bonini Beach Surf Ace Street DX -_- MJ12CLUB.COM -_-* -_- LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Copyright (C) 2011 Marti J. Hughes; All rights reserved.
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