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New York, United States
Pawmark showcases a variety of products that feature original and restored: Art, Writing, and Photography by E.Tiger. Have a look around, there are already over 100 products to choose from! WE DO CUSTOM WORK! Do you need something custom made for a special event or person? We do custom work for just about anything you can think of: T-Shirts for your Band, Posters for a Family Reunion, Baby Announcements, Wedding Invitations, a funny Tie for Dad, Holiday Cards, a silly Shirt for your Dog, etc. Whatever you need! Prices are reasonable, and turnaround is FAST! Simply send us an email at: etiger72@gmail.com and tell us about your idea. (Please put “Pawmark Custom” in the Subject Line) We’ll work with you to ensure we capture your vision. Then you simply: Review, Approve, and Purchase all conveniently within the Pawmark store! JOIN THE FAN CLUB! Get updates on Sales and New Products! Thank you for your support!
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