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Deptford, NJ
I am an artist that actually started honing my art while in college in the interior design program, where I learned how to draw and render (color in) my interior perspective drawings. I took to learning some animation techniques, took an animation class down in Disney World, learned a few things from the Art of Illusion, and just built up my portfolio art over the years. Learning new techniques as I went, and learned. If you want to see if my art, including the colors that I use, coordinate with your decor, copy paste the thumbnail of the product that you are interested in, and print it out on printer paper, or even better, print it onto card stock paper, and put it up against the items that you have or wish to have, to see if they coordinate. About me, Kristie Hubler: Besides being a visual artist, textile designer, and illustrator, I am a product designer of washable, sewn, fabric photo frames & brooches, covers for scrapbooks, photo albums, and binders, plus kitchen linens, dog accessories, wedding and baby items, plus business / retail products. I also sell download pdf printable sewing patterns & no sew patterns for washable, fabric: photo frames, brooch jewelry lapel pin badge buttons, ornaments, convertible frame pin ornaments, house shape kitchen pot holders, & dog diaper belly bands. owner, inventor of washable, sewn & no sew, fabric, photo frames, pin jewelry, ornaments, & more sewing patterns, no sew patterns, paper crafts, printable pdf download patterns sewing patterns, no sew patterns, paper crafts, printable pdf download patterns, plus card and calendar printables
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