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Where hilarity and wearability intersect.
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Welcome to Hollow Tree Tees, the store inspired by the blog of almost (but not quite) the same name. If you're absolutely addicted to the hilarity found at Hollow Tree Ventures (AND WHO ISN'T? Seriously—who isn't? I want to know.) you can find many of the jokes, charts, graphs, logos, visual aids, and various nerdity from the blog emblazoned proudly on products you'll practically weep with joy to give as gifts and/or wear on your own actual body. All that stuff is in the category Hollow Tree Ventures, because that's the name of the blog and I don't want to confuse anybody by calling the category something random, like Cattail Confessions or Lady Pinkerly Goes To Town, because that wouldn't make any sense and obviously I'm all about making perfect sense. Gerry (the man behind the woman behind the blog) is eleventy thousand times funnier* than the almost brain boggling humor you typically find over at the Hollow Tree (*according to some people, whose names I've taken down on a list—you know who you are). He snuck his designs in here too, in the category Gerry Is Funny (again, simplicity reigns) and you'll be glad he did, especially if you like laughing your buns off and sporting cool shirts you won't find anywhere else. Kennedy, The Son, is an incredible graphic designer and artist (those two might be the same thing, I'll have to ask him later if I'm being redundant). He shares his unique (read: wicked awesome) designs here under Kennedy's College Fund, because he gets to keep the proceeds from his sales and we're telling ourselves he'll save the dough for college (disclaimer: the funds will probably go to XBox games and Taco Bell). But you'll look super cool, so what do you care what he spends it on? Look around, enjoy yourself, and make sure to buy tons of stuff before you go. Then go tell your friends and anyone else who will listen what total twerps they are if they don't check it out, too. Yeah, I said twerp. I'm thinking about bringing it back.
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