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Comments (13)
Danielle commented on HSUS 12/19/2011
"Day by Day!"
I think that we're beginning to make a difference. Passing out the stamps to friends and family is a great idea and that's what I've been doing. As long as we pass on the message and don't let people forget about what's really going on out there, we're all doing a great job at making a difference!
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Ms_JadeIris commented on HSUS 8/10/2006
"Slaughtering Baby Seals"
it's difficult to rationalize the mentality that excuses killing innocent LIVE animals to protect industry of feeding us dead fish. Somewhere on the food chain I think God gave the seals shrimp before he gave them to us. If it takes the inhumane, brutal slaughter of these innocent seals to provide me with seafood I'll just start catching my own fish and hope the Canadian fish industry goes bankrupt. If we're not careful one day they may be clubbing us in the head because our vast numbers interfere with commercial development.....think about it.
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Nlogatto commented on HSUS 8/8/2006
"I agree"
With the comment below me. Although I am a big seafood consumer, we do not need to import our seafood from Canada. If the country is so concerned about the poor baby seals, and them trying to feed themselves, maybe they can figure out a more humane solution to this problem. Either way clubbing a baby seal is a horrendous thing to do. I support the stopping of this violent act.
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