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Hummingbirds & Vine Magnetic Photo Frame


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Hummingbirds & Vine Magnetic Photo Frame
Designed for youby BestAmericana
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Style: 5x7

Turn your home appliances and office furniture into a showcase of your cherished memories with a custom magnetic picture frame. Printed using the AcryliPrint®HD printing process, you can customize this picture frame with any artwork or text to complement your favorite photos.

  • Dimension: 5" x 7"; Fits 4"x 6" photos.
  • Sticks to any magnetic surface (refrigerators, lockers, filing cabinets)
About This Design
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Hummingbirds & Vine Magnetic Photo Frame
Hummingbirds are loved by so many they have become a well watched Americana symbol. Hummingbirds come in many varieties such as Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, Rufous Humming birds, Black Chinned Hummingbirds and Calliope Hummingbirds. Hummingbirds love things colored red. If you have an interest in attracting Hummingbirds a good start is to have planted around your dwelling the flowers from which hummingbirds love to feed. Tiny little nests of hummingbirds can be found hanging from the branches of trees and bushes. Hummingbirds are a delight to watch as they dart here and there moving more like a colorful remote-controlled toy helicopter then other birds. It can be an alarming experience if a hummingbird suddenly is attracted to an article of red clothing you are wearing and like a flash of light suddenly appears just inches away. The buzzing of the hummingbirds wings adds to the surprise and what for an instant becomes a scary moment Many enjoy hummingbirds by attracting them with the special red colored feeders designed just for hummingbirds. Placed close by a patio or window will give you much entertainment. Something there is about hummingbirds that adds charm to anyone’s yard. The curiosity and pleasure from bird watching makes Hummingbirds a sought-after bird to observe. Because of its diverse and bright colors, it’s small size and the unusual way it flies, Hummingbirds have earned their places in the hearts of many and have become a fun piece of Americana. This birdhouse image is part of a collection of best seller images of Americana art belonging to an on going series of images of farms, sewing machines, picnic baskets, outhouses, schoolhouses, churches, barns, birds, Hummingbirds, lighthouses plus Amish landscapes, buggies, and buildings created by Richard Neuman in his rural studio near McComb, Ohio. For 50 years Richard’s art has been continually evolving. During most of his early Americana work he used pens, brushes and watercolors. Each painting in this Americana art series was created this way. Today he creates the images in these series using a computer. Richard has recently converted the Americana originals into digitized art of very high quality. In his studio many steps using Photoshop and several other computer art programs are blended together with fifty years of art experience to create the Hummingbird image for those that love birding, bird watching, Hummingbirds and of course who own and collect Hummingbird items.
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