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I Need Coffee Jumbo Mug Mumbo Jug Whatever No. 1


per specialty mug

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I Need Coffee Jumbo Mug Mumbo Jug Whatever No. 1
Designed for youby SheckShe*
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About This Product
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Style: Jumbo

Some days, a regular size cup of joe just won’t do. When you need that extra jolt of caffeine, reach for your extra-large coffee mug from Zazzle. It will accommodate a full 20-ounce Venti pour. Perfect for soup, cereal, ice cream, or chili too! This giant mug features a C-shaped handle for comfortable sipping.

  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 4.5"
    • Diameter: 3.9"
    • Capacity: 20 ounces
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Strong, ceramic construction
  • Meets or exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety
Designer Tip: To ensure the highest quality print, please note that this product’s customizable design area measures 4" high x 10.5" wide
About This Design
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I Need Coffee Jumbo Mug Mumbo Jug Whatever No. 1
Create your own Custom Jumbo Mug designs using these twenty-six; count 'em, twenty-six Rectangular Color Swatch Splotches! These are Jumbo Mug starter Color EXTRAVAGANZAS with Extra Vaganza! Hoooee! are they ever colorful! Your mission, should you choose to create wildly colorful, one of a kind Jumbo Mug designs, is to go straight to your own private design-a-mug paint booth (The Customize It! zone). Once there, set your fashion spray-gun ray-gun on respectfully but stunningly beautiful! On these Customizable Extra Vaganza Color Extravaganza Jumbo Mug starters, you get twenty-six color swatch splotches with which to play. Each one of them can be enlarged to a size greater than the entire available design area. Throw in Zazzle's one hundred and twenty-six background colors, brought to you in this case by the EDIT > Background function and, I might add, in the color light purple but you can change that, and you have more than you need to start designing a truly radical Jumbo Mug. Rad! Dude or Babe as the case may be. Not enough color you say? Well don't worry your pretty little head, just click on a Color's Title Bar > EDIT > Copy > EDIT > Paste and you now have more color. This is, after all, a designer Jumbo Mug and you are the self-described Jumbo Mug Mumbo Jug designer. You may even be the Supervisor of Design. Whoa. Do you want a whole mess o' color with which to mess? You've got it Partner. You have got too much for one little HUGE 20 oz. Mug. Far out! Did you know you can make MILLIONS! Did I say Millions? Yes I most certainly did, Millions. Dare I say? Yes I dare. You can bump up against an infinite number of different, beautiful, possibly breath-taking, if you really work at it and most importantly SheckShe* Jumbo Mug designs and this is just one of several of these How-To Do It Customizable Extra Vaganza Color Extravaganza Jumbo Mug starters from which to begin your preliminary design phase paint boothery. You get to play with Reds, Greens, Blues, Pinks, Yellows, Oranges, Purples, Black, Gold and other colors in between. Exciting, isn't it? Each color swatch splotch resides on its own layer so you can be the color commentator, the coordinator, the composer, the decorator, the designer, the artistic type and yes, even the Supervisor of Design. You can tell the colors what to do. Get a move-on into the Customize It! zone and click on ARRANGE > Send to Front and the color that was at the bottom of the pile of colors is now on top of all of the other colors. Click on the Title Bar of one of the colors and drag it up or down the list of colors and everything changes again. In the Customize It! zone you can move, rotate, enlarge, reduce, copy and paste more of and/or even, dare I say, delete each color layer that you do not particularly care for, independently of the others. You can rearrange the order of the colors so that the colors you want on top are the colors that you want on top. Click EDIT > Background and you can choose one of Zazzle's 125 other background colors to give your Custom Jumbo Mug Mumbo Jug design that final artistically "you" touch. How shweet. Add your own images and/or text. Try one of Zazzle's "Dangerous Type" fonts. Remember: Customize It! zone > Push a button, any button. See what happens. NO! NOT THAT BUTTON! Just kidding. Beat the Rad Mush! Ladies and Gentlemins: Start your Jumbo Mug Mumbo Jugs! Images Courtesy: NASA/JPL/Caltech. SHECKSHE.COM -_- http://www.Zazzle.com/SheckShe* -_- I know SheckShe* when I She SheckShe* Shweetheart. -_- How shweet -_- LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Copyright (C) 2012 Marti J. Hughes; All rights reserved.
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