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Enlightenment for Schmucks
Schmuck Yeah, We Got the Goods!
Columbus, OH
Our blog, Enlightenment for Schmucks takes a unique viewpoint when it comes to the concept of enlightenment, and that is enlightenment for the rest of us. The path isn't as easy as some say it is, and face it, your personal journey may be as imperfect as they come. At Enlightenment for Schmucks, it is a come as you are philosophy. We are a space for the dreamers, creatives, dancers, rebels, and more. As long as you are searching to be better than you were yesterday, your past is irrelevant--the future is what we're about.
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20% off with code ZAZZLESPROUT
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20% off with code ZAZZLESPROUT
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Comments (2)
Mindpixels commented on Indica66 12/8/2008
"Super Ts"
Your captions are great,very clever
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The Master's Bouquet commented on Indica66 9/3/2008
You've got some hilarious stuff here! The stick figure drawing: "You call that a mouse??" mousepad, gets me every time!!!! VERY FUNNY!
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