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Minnesota, United States
****Those who have been looking for some of my other design business cards. I been fighting with zazzle about a design they pulled from my products. It did not fit into the Ford Guidelines and honestly Ford wants to own the copyright to your artwork for free, basically if you want to sell anything with their cars on it. I was not willing to just hand my artwork over to them. So I redesigned one of my popular designs and basically turned it into a Chevy so I can still be able to bring this popular design back to everyone who loved it. Sorry it has been gone for so long, and sorry I left all of you without the design you love. It was not by my choice, and it thoroughly made me very angry at Zazzle. Now it is back and hopefully they don't start claiming it is a Ford again.**** I have been drawing, and painting most of my life. After my daughter was born in '05, I decided to listen to a friend's suggestion and combine my artistic ability and my love of cars. So, I picked up an airbrush and started custom airbrushing cars, motorcycles, and just about anything else I could find. Basically, besides my day job, I spend most of my time drawing, designing, and improving my airbrushing skills. My goal is to expand my airbrushing business into a full-time job and to continue creating designs and artwork that combines all of my interests. I'd like to be able to support my family with my business, and give the little girl who inspired me (my daughter) and my wife a good life.
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Tammy McGinn
Comments (8)
Beau commented on Inferno_Paintworks 3/28/2011
I want to have your babies. I also want to see your rendering of the vulture Volkswagon bug. I heard you did a one off of a sectioned and channeled 54' Chevy panel truck with a cow pusher?!?! Put that design on a shoe and I'll buy it!!!!
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Michael L. McKellip commented on Inferno_Paintworks 3/27/2011
Love your stuff!!
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Nice store and designs. I'm a fan.
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