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Jamie's fun and amusing designs
Alabama, United States
I first learned that I was colorblind during a heated game of Hungry-Hungry Hippos. Email me at jbraly@ gmail. com !
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Comments (13)
Karen's Images commented on jbraly 12/19/2011
"Thanks for the comment!"
I was a little sad that the image quality on the airplane pictures didn't seem as high as I'm used to with my digital photos. I'm so glad that the effect of the airplanes against the sky struck you anyway! I also took little notice of them till quite recently. I love the clarity (and, in some cases, simplicity) of your designs. They're very effective.
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Donamaria - Journey Through Time commented on jbraly 2/14/2007
"Ms. Queenie... Thank you."
Sorry I am not here more often to comment on your beautiful art. I have been spending time for the last few months with my "heart." I almost lost him at Thanksgiving and well, that is why I have not visited your's and other sites much! I do appreciate your comments on my digital artwork. :) Happy belated Valentine's Day to you darlin'. Valentine's Day is about "hearts"... Hugs, Donamaria.
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Karen's Images commented on jbraly 11/28/2006
some shots always seem to escape, especially if you have a sluggish/reluctant camera! But the one you got is good.
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