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Jody Grigg Photography
Littleton, CO
Born in the 70’s brought up on the ‘Muppets’ and the ‘Wombles’. Early 80’s discovered skiing. Start of the 90’s started living in ski resorts. Mid 90’s travelled across Europe and North America competing as a skier, British Freestyle Ski Team, thanks mum and dad! Late 90’s moved to Colorado and got a real job. Early 00’s found a passion for photography, hiking and biking. ’10 got married, got a wife and 2 fluffy huskies. '11 lost my real job, following my passion of photography!
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Belinha Fernandes commented on jodygrigg 12/8/2013
Hi! Happy Holidays! I am promoting one of your wonderful calendars on my blog. If you want to have a look, it's
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