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Dallas, TX
An investigative reporter, essayist, and actor who was born in Dallas, raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, and attended Vanderbilt University on a sports-writing scholarship. Bloom began his writing career in Texas, earning two National Magazine Award nominations for his work with Texas Monthly. He was later fired from the Dallas Times-Herald for writing (as Joe Bob Briggs) a parody of the then-popular song, "We Are The World". Joe Bob Briggs began his television career on The Movie Channel, hosting "Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater" for nine years. During this time it became TMC's highest-rated show, earning two ACE award nominations. Joe Bob was also the longtime host of TNT's hugely popular "Monstervision". He has appeared on some 50 talk shows, including The Tonight Show and The Larry King Show. In the late nineties he spent two seasons as a commentator on Comedy Central's The Daily Show (under his given name John Bloom), beginning with the premiere episode. Joe Bob can also been seen in a variety of feature films including "Casino", "Face/Off" and "The Stand".
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