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Kathryn Koozer's Art
Idaho, United States
"Art & Design with a Positive Purpose" Kathryn officially started her business in 2006, working in both fine arts and design. Her focus is on fine arts, as they are her passion. Her work consists primarily of collages with floral and architectural subjects. She also does graphic design and websites. Her work can be viewed at the Boise Capital City Public Market, various shows, and online at, Official Website of Kathryn's Collages , Kathyrn's Giclees & Limited Edition Prints on Etsy , and Kathryn's Collages on Zazzle . Kathryn grew up practicing art. At the age of 8, she started taking art classes; she continued to do so all the way through college, earning a BFA degree at the University of Idaho. She is a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), Tau Sigma Delta (Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts), Beta Epsilon Chapter (UI Chapter), a National Wildlife Federation Member, and a Electronic Document System Foundation (EDSF) Scholar. Though she has worked in many mediums, she currently prefers colored pencil as she finds it quite challenging. Kathryn works on black mat board for the majority of her pieces. Depending on her subject, she either draws fractures over the entire board and then draws the subject within those fractures or she sketches out the subject and then puts fractures within it. If the piece is to be a collage she then adds old torn-up photos, stationary, aluminum foil, and even pressed flowers from her own garden. After the piece is complete it is sealed and ready for framing, which she usually does herself. Although many assume that Kathryn was influenced by famous painters or other similar artists, the main influence for her current work is a quilting technique called Fractured Landscape. Kathryn believes it is important to help people see the world around them in new and interesting ways through her art. Beyond the obvious fracturing seen in much of her work, some of her pieces simulate color blindness of various kinds, allowing those with normal vision to appreciate the world as others see it. Kathryn also believes strongly in helping the environment. She does this by donating 5% of her profits to the National Wildlife Federation. You can send her a message through Zazzle (the link is at the bottom of the store page on the left) or go to her website (Kathryn's Collages ) to send a message.
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Comments (3)
Kathryn Koozer's Art commented on kkoozer 10/4/2009
I'm working on getting up variations of my work up, basically removing the backgrounds of the pieces (making them black) to make them a bit more dramatic. Something a little different to think about & look at when looking for eye candy for your home, office, and on the road.
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Kathryn Koozer's Art commented on kkoozer 9/27/2009
"Slashed Prices"
Just *slashed prices* so if there's something you wanted now's the time to buy!
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Kathryn Koozer's Art commented on kkoozer 9/22/2009
"Slowing getting merchandise up!"
Well I'm slowly getting a ton of merchandise up so keep checking back for more items. It's rather slow going since I have to make sure each item looks good. And thens there's a bunch of other detail I have to deal with. ~kathryn
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