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LE Salsa & Massage Product Gallery
New York, New York
I am a Salsa instructor who specializes in New York Club Style Salsa On2 (aka the modern day "Mambo"). I offer progressive 8-week courses, private and group private instruction and corporate salsa programs. For more information, I invite you to visit me at WWW.LETHERAPY.COM. I also encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/LEDANCETHERAPY, where you will find footage of myself and some of my favorite videos! NEW 8-WEEK CYCLES BEGIN IN JULY!!!! REGISTER EARLY & SAVE!!! ONLINE REGISTRATION AVAILABLE AT WWW.LETHERAPY.COM!
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Comments (3)
Dance Designs commented on liccardoenterprises 1/2/2008
"234 678"
have any breaking on 2?
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Randy Medlin commented on liccardoenterprises 10/13/2007
Great gallery going here, enjoyed my visit. A fan!!
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MickeyElvis128 commented on liccardoenterprises 10/12/2007
"Welcome to zazzle community!"
Very nice gallery!!! Have a great weekend...
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