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About (Mars.Sale) is registering proper claims to Mars real estate. These claims are based on actual possession of Mars land. If approved by UN, each claim becomes one share (=1147 Sq Km of Mars land). The United Nations (UN) Trusteeship Council is then invited to assume trustee control of The Mars Trust. All shares can be sold back to UN for a nominal fee, on the condition that an improved 'Outer Space treaty' is signed by all space-faring nations. At a time when the weaponization of space is looming large, this UN trusteeship role could help ensure future peace and safety in Space. It could be the blueprint for the management of any celestial body in order to avoid national conflicts over mining rights and ownership claims. In order to build up support for The Mars Trust we are designing and producing quality Martian products. Support the cause for SPeACE .... at least buy a quality Marswool T shirt.
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