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The Liberal Democratic Party of the United States.
New York, United States
We have moved our Store front to The Barack Obama Gold Color Presidential Coin Please visit our Legislation action page to enact needed progressive legislation at The photographers who took the images located at these websites gave me permission to use them for commercial purposes under a creative commons license. has ... The Liberal Democratic Party USA
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Comments (165)
Extended Family of Connecticut commented on maximus7 12/19/2011
"Thank you"
Hi Maximus. Thank you for your kind words. Extended Family of CT is just getting started and are very excited about our mission. Your site is great! Wish I'd know about it sooner!
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"Your shop is politically awesome:)"
Lots of cool and bold designs that make a powerful statement. Your shop is nicely organized and funny to browse around! All the best:)
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Zazzle Political Shop commented on maximus7 3/6/2009
I will put my support behind Obama if that radical right loon Limbaugh runs as the Republican canidate. Oh, turns out I'm more liberal than conservative. I just hate modern day Democrats. I like the more liberal ones of the early - mid 1900's like FDR and Truman. Two best presidents ever.
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