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Impede, Impeach, Imprison
Goodbye GOP
Resist - P hat, Eco, LGBT & regular versions
Peace - Word Art
Reproductive Freedom
Get Your Green On
Alternative Energy
Peace, Love, Recycling
I Heart Hillary
Democrat Donkey
Gay Pride Dem Donkey
Don't Snake My Vote
I've Already Voted
Of, By, For Corps
Peace And Dots
No War - Word Art
I Love Biden
Earth Day EKG
Look Ma, No Gas!
Hug Trees Now
Mettle to Pedal (Green/Cycling)
HCR - Big F-ing Deal!
HCR - Yes We Did!
Death Panel
Teabag Miracle Cure
Amanda & Eve
bi certain
Certain (bi)
Lesbian Marriage
Proud Parent BumperStickers (Alternative)
Politics, Protests and Rallies
I Heart ObamaCare
E. Pluribus Obama
Where are the JOBS?
Business Wear
Strangers w/ Benefits (2)
Life Blows
Life Rocks
Hate Your Fave Band
Step Off
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