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Mercury Brightman: The First Sign™ Zazzle Shop
AZ, United States
I am a novelist and this is what my book is about: There was a time when Thera was free... free from tyranny, free from fear, and free from pain. A great evil threatens to destroy the delicate balance between Thera and Earth, and it seems that all hope is lost. Yet, there is a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel of despair. Thirteen-year old Mercury Brightman has crossed the great divide that keeps Thera and Earth apart, and discovers a magical world of enchantment and possibility. Before she has a chance to experience its pure magic she learns that it is she who must save it from its terrible fate. Stranded in a world of magic, mayhem and mystery, Mercury must unlock its secrets if she is going to ever get home -- wherever it may be. Join Mercury and her new friends, as they embark on this magical quest to find the answers that could save both worlds.
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