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Comments (17)
JR commented on mycarmex 10/16/2012
"Carmex Original"
I'm from South Africa! Don't know why, but a few months ago the original plain yellow Carmex-lid was replaced by a lid with 2 red cherries. It's just not the same and we can not find the plain yellow one anywhere!! The ingredients are not the same, therefore the effect/protection/moisture on your lips is not the same!! Can anyone please help and send us the real Carmex, no cherries!!! Very urgent!!!
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Louise H commented on mycarmex 10/7/2012
"Mint Carmex"
I have just bought mint, strawberry and cherry Carmex and I agree that the mint one is amazing!!!
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lily commented on mycarmex 10/4/2012
"Carmex for Coldsores"
When will Carmex for coldsore become available in Rep Ireland?
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