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Comments (8)
Kieffer Davis commented on nelsonracing 3/8/2014
"4-Cam SB"
Please post more on 4-Cam-Small-Block.
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Scott W commented on nelsonracing 11/9/2013
"Hilborn & Ardun Hemi."
In the 70's VNB was the spot but Kanan Rd was my playground. Looking forward to a new Challenger with your expertise. Hilborn & Ardun a must. Were you in the valley in the 70's and what did you run? Best to you all. Scott
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John commented on nelsonracing 11/24/2012
You must have a deal with Devonshire Division! I remember cruising Chatsworth in my 67 396 ss Chevelle back in the late 70's early 80's and I could never catch a break! Made many a pass there on Winnetka lol As someone that has worked on many Alcohol and Top Fuel cars before making the switch to NASCAR and building engines for Roush, Dale Earnhardt and Evernham I have to say you build a nice piece. Always going to be the jealous haters, but coming from a knowledgeable background I can say you do some nice work. Need to build myself another hotrod. 69 camaro was always my favorite ride. Love the vid of the stealth DZ. Plus watching you drive in my old stomping grounds, past the Wooden Shoe on Mason was pretty cool too. Keep up the good work!
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