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Madison, WI
I'm a retired project manager and Information Specialist for the state of Wisconsin, Department of Transportation. I helped maintain large databases of electronic documentation on mainframes and servers. In the mid 80's I had the privilege of working at the Space Astronomy Laboratory, University of Wisconsin, Madison where I worked on a space shuttle mission known as Project ASTRO, specifically the Wisconsin Ultraviolet PhotoPolarimeter Experiment (WUPPE for short). WUPPE eventually flew on several shuttle missions in the 90s collecting ultraviolet readings not possible to collect from ground-based observatories. I've produced art throughout all my life, and as such, am also a graphic artist. I specialize in astronomy, science fiction & fantasy, and new age themes. My Wife Darlene P. Coltrain is a full-time artist specializing in lost wax cast jewelry, hand painted silk scarves and beadwork. She is well known in the Science Fiction community. Many individuals including professional writers have purchased her products. Steven Vincent Johnson
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Comments (20)
Raven Spirit Prints commented on orionworks 6/27/2010
"Steven and Darlene, I wanted to let you know that I think your artworks are magnificent!"
I joined your Friendship Circle so I'll be back! Take care and keep up the great work. Skye :o-)
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Golders' Stuff commented on orionworks 11/3/2009
Love your magical art! Now, could you just activate your 'Abduction of Kinkade' artwork and beam that man up!!!
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Infinite Images commented on orionworks 8/5/2009
"Very inspired works!"
The paintings are incredible! Such talent!
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