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Pet Dog ID - Black & Blue - For Small Dogs Pet Name Tag


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Pet Dog ID - Black & Blue - For Small Dogs Pet Name Tag
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Style: Bone

These custom bone-shaped pet tags are the perfect accessory for your four-legged friends. Made of burnished silver your images, designs and text will be printed in vibrant color and remain intact for years to come. UV resistant and water proof, this precious accessory will withstand the test of time even with the most adventurous pet.

  • Dimensions: 1.5" l x 1.5" w
  • UV resistant and waterproof
  • Made in USA
About This Design
Pet Dog ID - Black & Blue - For Small Dogs Pet Name Tag
Bone Pet Dog ID Tag Black & Blue Background Design by Julie Alvarez Looking for a custom pet ID tag? Show off your dog with this dog ID tag. This product is sold as a keychain but makes the perfect pet ID tag for medium to large dogs (not recommended for toy/small dogs under 30 pounds). I recommend a small split ring to hang it from your pet's collar (see pictures below). Please get an ID tag for your pet's safety no matter where you order it from. Here is my dog Maggie's tag on her collar: TIPS ON CUSTOMIZING YOUR TAG: CAPITAL LETTERS WORK BEST! EMPTY LINE (DELETING A LINE OF TEXT): If you do not want to put any info into a particular field, DELETE the default text and leave that field blank.  Once you click out of the customization fields with your cursor, it will update your info, and any blank fields will not show any text. You should see your design on the preview exactly as you want it to appear before you place your order. MODIFYING FONTS: IF you modify the fonts (by clicking the orange "customize it" button) DO NOT decrease the font size below 6 for address information. While it may look nice on the computer screen, please keep in mind the actual tag space to work within is approximately 1" across. Keep letters as large as you can for readability. YOUR DOG'S NAME If your dog's name is longer, the font size will need to be decreased. The font size on these designs is set-up currently somewhere between 12 - 14 in size. Subsequently, if your dog's name is shorter (2 to 4 letters) the font size will need to be increased to balance out the design. This can be done by clicking on the orange "customize it" button".   OR YOU CAN JUST EMAIL ME AT: JULIE@JULIEAGIFTS.COM If you provide me with your email address, the design you want and the text EXACTLY as you want it to appear line by line, I will set-up your text for you (no additional charge). I will then email you a link to view/ purchase your tag. ABOUT THE TAG *These tags are DURABLE and look great *Include your complete information (up to 5 lines) *Weight: .75 ounces (approximate weight of 3 quarters) *Diameter: 1.44 inches, Depth: .19 inches *UV Resistant and Waterproof - silver colored metal *Comes delivered in a beautiful black velvet pouch *Top-quality, beautifully made tag These tags are great for small dogs or any size, but I recommend the round or square tages for medium to large dogs for more info and easier readability. If you want a special customization or prefer me to set-up your custom tag for you at no additional charge, please email me at julie@julieagifts.com. WHAT INFO TO INCLUDE ON THE TAG As a lifelong dog owner and current owner of an escape artist, I have learned through personal experience of the need to include as much info on a tag as possible. The easier it is for someone to just look at the tag and instantly know if your dog lives down the street, on the next block or even in the area means the difference in getting your dog back - and as quickly and safely as possible (too many pets get lost and never return). At a minimum, your dog's name & phone should be on the tag as well as if your dog has a disability, health issue, or needs medication for your pet's well-being. PLEASE get your pet an ID tag to wear no matter where you order it from to keep your pet safe.
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