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PinkPassion for Life™
Seattle, United States
Unique illustrations & cartoons designed to create "sticky" impressions. Cartoon Topics: from Business to Psychology, Medical to Love & Marriage, Dogs and Heavenly humor to Aging & Life's little "aha" moments. My "Advocacy Art": includes collections on Breast Cancer Awareness, Adoption, advocating against Violence & the Oppression of Women and Animal Rescue/Adoption. Classic lines with a hint of sophistication & sass. "Passion. Purpose. Pizzazz."™ About this Store: PinkPassion for Life™ is a collection of “Advocacy Art” by artist April McCallum of April McCallum designs. All of her art is designed to create “sticky” impressions. The purpose of the PinkPassion for Life™ collection is to provoke people to think about the issues and to use their voice of support by wearing or sharing their fun and unique messages of inspiration, life & hope. Some of the themes include: mammograms, self-checks, lumps, hair loss, self-image and finding a cure. You may also want to visit my Zazzle store advocating against Violence & Oppression of Women. Women (and girls) everywhere deserve to be loved, valued, free from fear and oppression, and to live life to the fullest! Visit the PurplePassion for Life™ Zazzle store at: "AprilMcCallum".
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