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Comments (4)
Big Brother Contestant Shirts commented on Ramoth 8/10/2012
"Image size of Chilltown 2006 design"
Hi! thanks for your question :) The text was stretched to fit the shirt when it was originally made 5 years ago. Since then they have changed their system so it gives you a warning. Ive had no issue with image quality on any of these chilltown shirts, and I assure you it will come out just fine! Thanks, Dave
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bbgirl14 commented on Ramoth 8/7/2012
"Issue with Chilltown blank shirt"
Hey, Ramoth. I was trying to customize the Chilltown blank 3/4 length shirt but it kept telling me there was an error and that images were larger than they were originally made even before I added anything. I asked Customer Support and they said that I could contact you and see if you could put it in high resolution, since that's the problem. Is that possible? Thanks!
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Big Brother Contestant Shirts commented on Ramoth 9/21/2006
"Custom Names"
Yea I could do that. Post your name(s) and ill do them up.
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