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Change the size of the image by clicking the +or- sign change the background colour by clicking Edit and then click Background to choose your own colour add your name or whatever words you want by clicking on Add Text and using Zazzle's large variety of text....................... If you see an image that you like...but you cant find it on the product you me at and tell me what you want and I will post the image on the product you request. "I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you different." K. Vonnegut My son Robert has a gallery on zazzle RToll81. He has permission to use any of the images I have created for my gallery on his gallery.
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Comments (147)
Zina Stromberg commented on redqueenself 3/22/2016
Beautiful work!
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Wonderful store - love your designs!
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Mui-Ling Teh commented on redqueenself 11/22/2012
"Fantastic collection!"
Love your illustrations; the fairies especially!
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No comments yet.