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Sumter, South Carolina
In 2006, it was discovered that I had a Brain Tumor. This changed my life more than I ever thought something could. With the love and support from my U.S. Marine hubby and my great kids, I am a SURVIVOR. I design things to supplement our income, which was devastated by my tumor. I am currently writing a book about my experience, which I have been told by doctors, vocational rehab and others that I must get out, because I survived when I was not expected to live. Here I am, still going, 10 years later! I have overcome seizures, paralysis, memory loss, and more medical crises than i thought possible... I was also told by my neurologist and critical care doctors, when I was being discharged after 6 months hospitalization, "God has you meant for something because should be dead" . Call it God's wish, fate, divine intervention... but on so many turns and events, one small change made the difference in my survival. I met my husband, who became my strength when I thought I couldn't go on. I met my neurosurgeon, who saved my life, when he was at the hospital seeing a Stroke victim and picked up my chart by accident. Only at the last minute did my husband reenlist -- if he hadn't we wouldn't have had medical insurance and we are positive I would have been sent home to die without medical insurance.... many many more turns that worked in my favor that ultimately fell in line to save me.... Look for the book when i can get it finished ....TWO DAYS TO LIVE
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Comments (2)
PetsforVets commented on RETMilWyfe 5/7/2009
Thank you so much for your kind words and support of this important cause. It is much appreciated. I know it will continue to be a success because of wonderful people like you. I wish you a great weekend my friend. Take care. xoxo
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Patriot_Resistance commented on RETMilWyfe 5/4/2009
Brother, can you spare a trillion? Great stuff. I'm a fan.
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