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EU, Hungary
If you have any request, please write me an e-mail. I will create it for you. In some cases I can create double-sided tie from its original single-sided version. CHANGE CONTENT FILTER TO MODERATE OR OFF. Every product is CUSTOMIZABLE here. *** THE ORIGINAL PERFECT CHEST TIES - THE ORIGINAL MOVIE REEL TIES - THE BEST TESSELLATION TIES - THE BEST LUMINOUS TIES - THE BEST PEACOCK TIES - THE BEST PENGUIN TIES - THE BEST TIE DYE TIES - THE BEST PI TIES. *** 1111 Series *** The largest solid / monochrome / plain tie variety you find it in this shop, currently cca. *** 7500 *** pieces. With the most precise *** international fancy names (IMPORTANT: if you couldn't find f.e. Persimmon Orange or Olivine Green, you can find Persimmon or Olivine!) *** you may find hundreds of shades of white, black, gray (grey), brown, green, blue, red, yellow, lilac, purple, pink, orange, gold (golden), silver and blonde, and fluorescent, neon, ultra and electric, luminous, and vivid and pastel color ties. There are hundreds of *** Traditional Japanese *** color (690 kimono color) ties. And all of them on the possible cheapest price! Don't forget: GENIUSES PICK GREEN! .-) *** BIGGEST SALE *** 216 pieces web color (just remove the BIGGEST SALE image). *** OPUS 1111 Series *** They are exclusive solid ties, f.e. wedding ties or 'Color of the Year' ties. *** OPUS Series *** The ties of the OPUS series are exclusive pieces.
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Robert Toth