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Rock Town Hall is a place to discuss - and debate - self-important topics in the world of rock 'n roll as we know it, love it, and hate it. Overlooked gems, overrated albums, and sideburns are always open for discussion. Lurk and enjoy the show, or better yet REGISTER and play along. The only requirement is that you love the Rock. The USER'S GUIDE, has the low down on how to jump in. Your knowledge level is unimportant. In the mix of truth tellers, true believers, wiseacres, blowhards, and plainspoken rock fans, whatever nerdiness, earnestness, silliness, and passion you bring to the table will find a place. If you get lost, you can always click the Rock Town Hall banner at the top to return to the MAIN STAGE.
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30% off with code FLASH30TODAY
30% off with code FLASH30TODAY
30% off with code FLASH30TODAY
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