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Rudy Faber
Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands
I'm a self thaught freelance illustrator based in the Netherlands. My work ranges from stylized cartoony work to figurative work approaching realism. Sometimes vintage themed, sometimes dark and morbid, sometimes bright and colourful. Whatever my mood and current obsession. I like hot cocoa, kittens and pulling on brand new socks for the first time.
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Comments (4)
Janet Antepara commented on Rudy_Faber 8/3/2012
Great illustration! It's nice to see you here on zazzle!
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Flippity Trippity commented on Rudy_Faber 2/2/2012
wow, amazing work.
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Rob Greenleaf commented on Rudy_Faber 1/6/2011
"Love your work!"
Love your work Rudy! Cant wait to see what you create next!
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