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The Art of Schin Loong
My art is my little fantasy world, tucked away where no one can find it. In this world, I can create perfect images of color, beauty and light. I can create my stories where beautiful women peer through not-so-innocent eyes, gilded fans and jeweled dresses with a look that says different things to different viewers. And when the viewer enjoys my paintings, I am overjoyed, because they entered my little fantasy world and found it wonderful and I welcome you to my world.
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Comments (3)
Kaos Kojo commented on schin_ 8/15/2010
"Great Touch of Art"
I like a lot of ur artwork, keep up the good work :)
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Nekranea commented on schin_ 7/8/2010
"Wonderful artwork!"
Your work and your store are very beautiful, I love your style :)
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Cartoon Pinup commented on schin_ 7/5/2010
Absolutely, beautiful artwork.
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