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Atlanta, Georgia
I use wit and satire to design products with a conservative slant to help people speak their minds with confidence and good humor. So speak your mind with a slogan from SloganFactory!
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Comments (6)
Sanity_1776 commented on SloganFactory 1/13/2010
I'm a fan. The Democrats have a plan to steal the 2010 & 2012 elections. It's called ... Universal Voter Registration ... that along with the still U.S. taxpayer funded Acorn will give them a great foundation for massive voter fraud. Ceate your own designs on this issue to Wake up America and let your fellow citizens know. We may not be able to stop it but at least we will know what happened. Read the Jan.6,2010 article at americanthinker.com by James Simpson ... What the Dems Know: Universal Voter Registration .
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Patriot_Resistance commented on SloganFactory 5/2/2009
Revolution is coming. Nice stuff. Keep it up. I'm a fan.
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"Great Gallery!"
Love your products!
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