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Unique, often outspoken designs on lots of great merchandise!
Los Angeles, California
About got its start when I had to quit working due to illness. It had been one of those "one of these days I'm going to..." projects that never came to fruition until I finally had a lot of time on my hands. It's been a labor of love, featuring designs that speak for me and my beliefs. For example, I'm a multi-decade, ethical vegetarian, who strongly believes that all animals, including the non-human kind, deserve a cruelty-free life and should not be killed for meat, leather, or anything else. I'm straight, but not narrow, and fully support marriage equality and other gay rights issues. I'm the proud wife of a US Air Force veteran who was permanently, partially disabled during the Vietnam War. I was a Linux/UNIX programmer and system administrator prior to becoming disabled, and Linux is the only operating system I use. And so on!
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