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Spangler Imagery
Fractal Graphic Arts For Everyone
Lawrenceville, Georgia
"Spangler Imagery" Digital Art Imagery created by Peter Spangler. A majority of the images presented here are Fractal Art Images, created using various Fractal rendering programs. On occasion I use 'other' digital graphic designs that are unique in design and style. I enjoy Impressionistic, Pointillism and Abstract art, and have produced many such images in my lifetime. I began in art in Graphic Design (Drawn by Hand) and Painting. I have worked in many forms and medium, and began working with digital graphic design, specifically for the making of Fractal Graphic Art. I would point out that all of my Fractals are presented in 'raw' form, and are never manipulated in other digital manipulation programs. How you see them is how they appear, as produced within the Fractal program. I do, necessarily, have to frame and sign them in a digital management program. From my interest in Fractals, I am broadening my horizons and have begun to learn Digital Art production. I am a self taught artist, in all forms, and am going on forty five years of artistic expression, including music, song, writing and prose. I hope you enjoy these images, and that they touch some part of your imagination. I try not to put too many titles to my images, as to let the viewer find that connection to the art, inside themselves. Of course, I also have produced nearly twenty thousand fractal images, alone! I have also found, as with much of Abstract Art, what I might call an image is not what others have told me, time and again, what they 'see'. All product images listed are original and produced by myself ( *are registered and copyrighted by myself; public listing of these images does not constitute inclusion under any public commons license use, in part, or whole. - 'The Legal Disclaimer' that has become necessary, these days ( ** If anyone is Interested in using any of these images, for your production work, please contact me for terms of use)).
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