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Sunflowers Birdfeeder & Blue Bird Keychain


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Designed for youby BestAmericana
Circle (double-sided)
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About this product
Style: Circle (double-sided)

Never leave home without your favorite photo, design, or inspirational message attached to your keys with this custom circle keychain. Designed to withstand daily wear and tear, this keychain displays designs, text, and photos in vibrant clarity and brilliant colors.

  • Dimensions: 2" diameter
  • Made of ultra-durable acrylic
  • UV resistant and waterproof
Designer Tip: To ensure the highest quality print, please note that this product’s customizable design area measures 2" x 2". For best results please add 1/16" bleed.
About this design
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Sunflowers Birdfeeder & Blue Bird Keychain
Sunflowers are a very cheery Americana symbol. Add a handmade birdfeeder to the picture and a bluebird all within a quaint flower garden and it is hard to think of anything more Americana. Birdfeeders come in all shapes and sizes tailored to everything from finches to bluebirds. With a birdfeeder in your flower garden bird watching is easy and fun. Birding with a birdfeeder surrounded by ripening sunflowers will demonstrate to you that some birds will eat only the seeds on the heads of the sunflowers while others will only eat the sunflower seeds from the birdfeeder. Bluebirds are a beautiful bird to have around birdfeeders. They just have so much color that many other smaller birds around the birdfeeder pale by comparison. The homemade birdfeeder can be very elaborate or the birdfeeder can be very simple. Carpentry skills play a large part in how fancy a handmade birdfeeder is constructed. Actually most birds could care less on the looks of birdfeeders as it is the seeds being dispensed by the birdfeeder that is most important. Squirrels have a way of wanting to partake their meals from birdfeeders and often shields for birdfeeders are placed in a way that squirrels cannot get to the birds and the food in the birdfeeder. Sunflowers can be small and short and sunflowers can be huge and very tall. The seeds from sunflowers have always been a favorite food of many birds. Sunflowers are easy to grow and once flowering in your garden are a cheery sight to see. Sunflowers turn their heads and follow the sun as it travels across the sky. The combination of sunflowers and a birdfeeder is perfect. It makes bird watching easy for one’s birding can be done in their garden or backyard. No wonder birdfeeders, bluebirds and sunflowers all have earned their place in Americana. This sunflowers with birdfeeder and bluebird image is part of a collection of best seller images of Americana art belonging to an on going series of images of farms, sewing machines, picnic baskets, outhouses, schoolhouses, churches, barns, birds, lighthouses plus Amish landscapes, buggies, and buildings created by Richard Neuman in his rural studio near McComb, Ohio. For 50 years Richard’s art has been continually evolving. During most of his early Americana work he used pens, brushes and watercolors. Each painting in this Americana art series was created this way. Today he creates the images in these series using a computer. Richard has recently converted the Americana originals into digitized art of very high quality. In his studio many steps using Photoshop and several other computer art programs are blended together with fifty years of art experience to create the sunflowers with birdfeeder and bluebird image for those that love wildflowers, birding, bird watching, sunflowers, flower gardens and of course birdfeeders..
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