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Bellevue, WA
Greetings Everyone, My name is Teo Alfonso and I am a self-employed Filipino-American artist. I currently live in Bellevue, WA with my sweetheart. One of my goals as an artist is to be able to create artworks that can be cherished for a lifetime. Hopefully, you will allow me to do that for you. I specialize in POKER ARTS, Abstract Arts, Sunsets, Landscapes, Seascapes and Portraits. I am very thankful and blessed that my artworks have sold all over the world; some of which have gone to the biggest names in the Poker World and also some of the biggest names in the Entertainment business. I have done many paintings for multi-millionaires in the WSOP and WPT and also in Hollywood. A lot of my artworks can be seen at various Casinos and Poker Rooms all over the world, specially in Las Vegas, my favorite city. Some of my artworks can be seen in the JUNE 2006 issue of THE POKER PRO MAGAZINE. Some of my artworks can also be seen in the LlVEPOKER magazine, October 2006 Issue. I can re-create almost any artworks from scratch; in which I have done numerous times, per clients' requests. I have always been artistic ever since I was a kid but never really pursued art until about 20 years ago when I got some pastel chalks and some colored pencils and started drawing and creating pastel portraits. Only a few years ago is when I started painting on canvas. I love every minute of it. Hopefully, you will like what you see. God Bless!!!!!
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Comments (6)
Welcome to Psycho Clowns commented on Teofaith 12/19/2011
"Cool Artwork! "
I went to your website and you're very talented. Keep up the great work. :o)
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LOL, I understand! This is a great place for that! :D
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FLATEARTH commented on Teofaith 8/15/2007
Have to laugh at those that would plagiarize your art and are back peddling ASAP with apologies too funny. A lot of plagiarist here at zazzle, cool that you are offering your art as wearable art.
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No comments yet.