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The Fifth Sacred Thing
One act of courage can change the world.
United States
The 5th Sacred Thing, published by Bantam, set a new standard for fiction of its genre. It has a long-standing, devoted following, a touchstone for activists and social change makers for over twenty years. It is the book Julia Butterfly Hill read in the branches of the redwoods during her two-year tree sit, that the WTO protestors carried in their backpacks, that Occupiers passed around their libraries. Continuously in print since 1993, it has sold over 150,000 thousand copies to an international audience, been translated into four languages, is included in numerous college courses, and is enjoying a renewed popularity among Millennials – especially those hungry for hope. As author Daniel Quinn says: “For the future of our kind, The Fifth Sacred Thing is an anthem of hope. Generations to come will bless the name of Starhawk.”
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KingsHawk commented on TheFifthSacredThing 12/31/2013
"store prices"
Having lived in the bay area for many years, I know the prices of much is higher there. But I have lived in many places where the prices you have set for mugs, T-shirts and so on...are much higher than the market will bear. I know its for good causes, but the prices for someone say in Kentucky or Mississippi, are prohibitive. Thank you for listenting...KingsHawk
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