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Thoughts, Words & More - GrarageStuff Store 2
Boone, Iowa
I am interested in a number of things - music, art, photography. I enjoy witty punny things as evidenced in my store here at Zazzle. I also like to get serious from time to time and think about stuff.I've always wanted to be able to easily put ideas I come up with on shirts and Zazzle lets me do just that.
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"Thanks for your orders in 2011!!"
Thanks to: David, Lynne, Roheed, Jeff, Katherine, Becca, Terri, Ken, susan, Wendy, Antonio, David (in VA), DR, Lisa, Brent, Catherine, Jim, Christine, Robert, Lai, Jana, E, Matthew, Neil, Derrick, Natasha, Eric, Michael, Therese, Zahiri, Ashley, Daniel, Kimberly, Mark, John, Annett, Lara, Ruth, Charlotte, Kim, Judith, Brian, and Ellie. I sincerely appreciate you choosing to buy something from me. It is an honor and I hope to "see" you again. As always, thanks to Zazzle too, Have a great 2012!
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"Thanks for your orders in 2010!!"
Thanks to: Martin, Teresa, Caleb, Janet, Linda, Jamie, Rob, Thomas, Bruce, Volland, Jenni, Harald, Sandra, William, Tamara, Michael, Jennifer, Kristy, Dorothee, Christopher, Jen, Robin, Stephen, Schugeschaeft, Gregg, Judy, Adam, Theresa, Victoria, Shannon, Lisa, Leann, Connor, Toni, Carol, Pierre, Sharon, Alaska Bakery, Carol, Tomas, Deirdre, Lynda, Andrew, Mark, buyer from Japan, James, Allen, Luke, Zeina, Amy, Evan, Irene, Geoffrey and Fred. I appreciate you all stopping buy and finding something you felt was yours. I hope 2011 is a good year for all of you! Thanks again.
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Thanks to: Dick, Rebecca, Lindsey, Eileen, Nancy, Richard, Patricia, Julie, Diane, Ginny, Linda, Ashley, Jim, Nathan, Capri, Emily, Ami, Jacqueline, Brian, Gay, Richard in IL, Lauri, James, Diana, Helen, W.R., Amy, Jay, John, Stephen, Colin, Sidra, Lisa, Michael, Christine, Lilly, Jon, Patti, Jos, Belinda, Alistair, Adam, and Tracey. I appreciate you choosing to buy something from me - even more so this year as I lost my "real" job in August. Thanks to Zazzle too for making this possible! Have a great 2010!
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