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The perfect tie for boardroom to casual.
Pennsylvania, United States
I wanted to offer something unique and exciting in the necktie line, something to garner comments and appreciation for excellent taste. I'm retired and excited to finally have the time to roam about and photograph anything and everything that catches my interest - subjects pictured in the gallery are natural and as found in their habitat. Almost everything has matching items for sale which allows you to put together a unique gift package. Just about all products are "customize-able" so folks may tweak them to suit their personal needs. I'm showing the majority of the cards as blank - again to offer the customer the ability to do some of their own thing. Some photos are older and not suitable for some items because they've been cropped, reduced in size, etc. Comments are most welcomed. Thank you for looking!
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Comments (27)
ebroskie1234 commented on Tied2Success 7/7/2012
captivating designs! HOpe the summer is treating you well!
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ebroskie1234 commented on Tied2Success 2/4/2012
wowzers! It gives me hope for the world being at this site, an example of endless possibility and beauty!
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ebroskie1234 commented on Tied2Success 12/18/2011
amazing store! You have been very very busy! The popcorn and cranberries sound great! Tinsel used to have mercury--glad they had the sense to change to aluminum (or whatever they are). Enjoyed a brief river hike, and still have a ton of cards to do (LOL). Finally today, my husband announces our schedule for X-mas! We're hosting folks the day after Christmas. We;re not evidently doing anything in particular with family that day. We likely will pester a few friends.
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